Sunday, February 17, 2013

A new home at last

Well, I started looking almost 6 months ago, but I've finally found a home to purchase.  Its a 3 bedroom Cape house, very close to my job.  I'm obviously pretty excited about this; I was fine with renting, but it wasn't really making sense financially any longer, as rent of my 1 bedroom apt isn't much less than the total of mortgage/taxes/insurance.  Plus, rents are probably going to continue to increase yearly here, while my mortgage is fixed.  You could make the argument that I could move and try to find something cheaper, but this will be my 3 move in the past 3 years; I'm kind of tired of moving.
This isn't the actual house, but it looks pretty close.  An actual picture coming soon!

You might be wondering, where does this leave my dividend investing? Well, first of all, no shares of stocks were sold to pay for any house-related expenses, as I have been saving for this for a while.  Second, dividend investing is still going to be an important part of my investment strategy (probably even more so now), as I have taken on quite a bit of debt and need to "diversify" some away from relying predominantly on my income from work.  That being said, I imagine that I'll probably have to do a bit less dividend investing in the short term as I look to also pay down my home some.  I will say though, that I have some fresh capital in my account that I'm ready to use soon... stay tuned!

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