Saturday, September 29, 2012

Recent Purchase - GGN

I didn't make any deposits into any stock trading accounts this month, but Friday I was still able to make a purchase.  I made the purchase completely through dividends accumulated in my Roth IRA.  I bought:

75 shares of GAMCO Gold and Natural Resources (GGN).  This is a closed end fund from the Gabelli fund family.  I made the purchase at $14.34 a share.  This purchase will provide 9 dollars a month of dividend income in my Roth IRA.  The fund invests primarily in shares of gold and natural resources companies, and makes additional money by writing covered calls on shares in its portfolio.  It pays a monthly dividend of 12 cents a month.

More purchases coming next month!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

All quiet on the home front

September's been a pretty quiet month for me on the investing front.  On one hand, the market has been on fire, which results in less value to be had.  On the other hand, September has been a pretty expensive month for me, with car insurance, new tires, a wedding last weekend, and quarterly taxes due. Because of all this, I haven't made any new purchases, and the blog has been pretty quiet.  But fear not, activity is brewing.  If I don't buy anything next month, I'll definitely be making some purchases next month.  On top of that, I've started looking at some affordable houses to buy.  I just can no longer make sense of paying the amount of rent that I do and keeping a ton of money in a bank account doing next to nothing, when I could be living in a place of my own, building equity for not that much more money than the rent (if anything more at all).  This does not mean that my dividend investing days are over, I still plan on investing as I always do.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Dividend Income Update

Yet another month has come and gone, meaning that its time to update my monthly dividend income.  Another great month:

Taxable account
ERH - 63.30
O - 10.23
CLMT - 408.87
LINE - 644.53

total - $1126.93

Roth IRA
ARR - 111.00
STB - 18.69

total - 129.69

Total Dividends for the month:  $1,256.62

As I said, another great month. This compares to August of 2011, where my monthly total was $714.01.  I think almost all of my purchases in the past year have been of companies that pay distributions in August, so the increase is a little bit skewed, but its still nice to see good progress.  September is never the best month for me from a dividend perspective, so it won't be as good as this, but I'm working on it.  How was your month?