Friday, February 24, 2012

Recent Purchase

A lot is going on for me right now.  On Monday, I start my new job (yeah!).  Last Monday, I signed a lease on a new apartment, thats $130 a month cheaper than my current place (yeah!).  In spite of all of this activity, I also made a purchase this week:

I picked up 129 shares of ERH, a closed end fund, for 11.75 a share.  This will provide me with an extra $9.68 a month in dividend income.  This makes me a little bit closer to my goal for the year!

Anyway, looking forward to having a higher salary, living in a cheaper apartment, so that I can get to those investing goals a little sooner!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Upcoming Purchases

Well, I'm going to need to make 2 purchases in the upcoming future, the first one is for my taxable account, the second is for my 401k conversion to an IRA.  I think I pretty much know what I want to purchase for my taxable account, unless there are drastic changes between now and the middle of next week.  For the 401k conversion, I was thinking of creating an IRA at a discount brokerage and buying a few blue chip dividend stocks.  It will be a while still, but does anyone have any thoughts?  I was thinking along the lines of JNJ, PG, MCD, etc.  Which ones are good buys right now?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recent Purchase

I recently made a purchase for my roth IRA.  I picked up 400 shares of student transportation Inc. (STB):

This company provides school bus transportation to private schools in North America.  It also has relatively small holdings in oil and gas positions.  I purchased the 400 shares at a price of 6.7525 per share.  This position will provide $18.68 per month for my Roth IRA.  I'm happy with this purchase, again, I feel like its a little safer of an investment than a heavily leveraged REIT while providing a good yield, which fits with what I want to accomplish with my roth.

I start my new job on the 27th of February.  I've passed the drug test, my background check is almost complete; its only a matter of time now!