Thursday, December 20, 2012

Final Post on 2012 goals

I just wanted to make one final post on my 2012 goals, just to sort of put them to rest as I get ready for 2013.  I had 5 goals for 2012, and I already gave an update on them here.  I just wanted to talk about goals 4 and 5 here, as the first 3 goals were pretty much already met.

4.  Contribute as much as possible to my roth IRA.   I was able to contribute the maximum $5000 for 2011; what I bought with it is detailed here.  I plan on doing the same thing for 2012, but like 2011, it will have to wait until 2013, when I get a better idea of my MAGI.

- I plan on making my 2012 contribution next month.   I think that my MAGI will be over the limits for the Roth IRA, but I plan on doing the non-deductible IRA contribution and then shortly thereafter converting it to a roth.  I'll write about it after I do it.

5.  Increase my dividend income by $2000 next year.  When I wrote this, I was making $18,000 a year in dividends.  Due to a few nice dividend increases and purchases, my projected dividend totals for the next 12 months is now $20,700!  I obviously blew this goal out of the water, and I'm now aiming to add $1300 in more dividend income for the year, for an even $22,000.

- Well, my projected dividend total for the next 12 months is now $22,234!  I blew this goal out of the water twice in the same year!  I'll have another goal around this number for 2013, and hopefully it will be one that is a little more reasonable for a 12 month time period.

So there you have it, the 2012 goals completed.  I'll be coming out with my 2013 goals soon! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Recent Purchase - FGP

I recently made a purchase:

I picked up 84 shares of ferrellgas (FGP) at $18.00 per share.  This will provide an additional $42.00 in dividend income per quarter, or $168 per year.  This will probably be my last purchase of the year, and a while, as I plan on focusing any investing efforts next month on my roth ira.  The portfolio page has been updated accordingly.

What is everyone else buying?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recent Purchase - LINE

This post has taken me a while to write, but as promised, I'm finally here to write it!  Last month, I purchased an additional 51 shares of LINE at $39.03 per share.  Obviously wish I would have waited a few weeks to make this purchase, as the price has gone down some, but I'm still satisfied.  This purchase gives me an even 1,000 shares of LINE in my portfolio, which means it will probably be the last purchase of LINE that I will make for a while, as while I like the company, I don't want to get too overweight with it.  This buy will provide $147.90 in additional dividend income per year, bringing my projected dividend income for the next 12 months to $22,066!  This brings me over my 2012 goal, and I still plan on making a small purchase in December.

Other than that, things are still pretty much the status quo here; still looking for a house, still happy with my job.  Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for my 2013 goals!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Dividend Income Update

I've been pretty busy lately between work and looking for a house, so I haven't posted much recently.  I did make another purchase this month that I haven't written about yet, but I hope to soon.  Any, my dividend income for the month of November:

Taxable Account:
O - $10.60
CLMT - $429.66
ERH - $75.00
LINE - $688.03

Total in Taxable Account - $1,203.29

Roth IRA:
ARR - $99.90
STB - $18.48
GGN - $9.00

Total in Roth IRA - $127.38

Yet another great month! Next month won't be anywhere near as good, but I'm working on that.  Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and great November dividend income!