Friday, February 8, 2013

Recent Purchase - ERF

Here I sit in the northeast US, sent home from work at 1pm due to the upcoming snow storm.  I figured this would be a good time to post about a recent purchase I made in my roth IRA at the end of January.

I purchased 244 shares of Enerplus Corporation (ERF) for $13.54 per share.  Enerplus is a oil/natural gas exploration company, operating in the United States and Canada.  Its a former Canadian Royalty Trust that became a corporation after the tax structure for CANROYs changed.  This is still a relatively risky play, but its one I'm comfortable with. It pays a dividend of $0.09 a month, so this position will provide $21.96 of dividend income for my Roth per month.  Its good to see my roth dividend income increasing, as this will all be tax free income!

How is everyone else doing finding value in this market?

if you're in the Northeast US like me, stay safe this weekend!

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