Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Dividend Income Update

Yet another month has passed, meaning its time to update my dividend income.  Without further ado:

Taxable Account:
ERH - $75.00
LINE - $725.00
CLMT - $450.45
AT - $12.52
O - $12.66

total from taxable account - $1,275.53

Roth IRA:
STB - $18.40
ERF - $21.57
GGN - $28.32
ARR - $88.80

total from Roth IRA - $157.09

Total Dividends for February - $1,432.62

No complaints about this month here!  This was a big month for me financially, I purchased a house that I will close on at the end of March.  I also picked up a part time job that I hope to be blogging about in the near future.  Future topics for the blog also include a purchase that I made early this week, and also a sale.  Stay tuned!


  1. That's amazing Mr J (^_^) I'm also have a part time job working as a teacher at an art school, and have been growing my dividends over the years, but I'm not making even half as much as you so far. Looks like you've got some pretty solid stocks too. Can I ask how do you store your precious metals? I have some silver bullion that I keep in a safe place, but not sure what I'd do if I accumulate a lot more in the future. Good luck closing the deal on your new house, and congrats :0)

  2. Hi LI,

    Thanks for stopping by. I actually store at home, but I take it pretty seriously. I have a REAL safe (ie., not a sentry safe you would buy at walmart) and its bolted to the floor. I'd recommend this route for anyone seriously considering storing at home.