Friday, November 25, 2011

Recent Purchase

On this recent dip, I decided to add to a position of mine.  Its ERH, a closed end fund, which I feel are an important part of a balanced portfolio.  I purchased 155 shares of it  at 10.45.  This pays out a distribution monthly, so starting January 3, I'll be receiving 53.63 per month total from this position. I'm pretty happy about this, although unfortunately not all of the news is good on the finance front, as I had to take a 10% pay cut at work.  My postings might be scarce for a while as I spend more of my free time looking for a new job.  Looking forward to the day when I'm able to respond to a pay cut by simply walking out the door for good.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recent Purchase

Well, I finally purchased stock for my re-vamped Roth IRA.  If you recall, I wrote a few weeks ago about how I was changing around my roth IRA.  I've had my eye on ARR for quite some time now.  Today was the ex-dividend date, so I decided to go ahead and buy today on the dip.  I bought 1110 shares at 6.97.  Using the current dividend yield, I will be collecting $122.10 per MONTH.  I realize this is a pretty risky play, but the idea here is to purchase high-yield, high risk stocks in the beginning, and then over time, use the large dividends and annual contributions to purchase incrementally lower yield/risk stocks.

I'll be collecting some dividends next week in my taxable account, so I'll be looking to buy something there soon as well.

Big J

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A New Source of Cash Flow

I'm still waiting for a dip in the market to purchase some stocks for my roth.  Also, I should have more money in my taxable account sometime early next week, so I plan on making a purchase there as well.

I wanted to take a quick minute to tell people about a nice little source of cash flow I found - taking online surveys.  In the last month, I've made over 60 dollars from the comfort of my own home just taking surveys.  I use global test market.  I'm getting no compensation for plugging them, I just thought it would be of interest to those who read this blog.  In the month of September, I made almost 80 bucks in dividends, the amount I made in surveys this past month almost equaled that, and I didn't have to put down any of my own money to do it.

Happy Investing,
Big J