Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Dividend Income Update

With the first month of 2013 coming to a close, its time for another dividend income update!  January was a great month for me!

Taxable Account:
O - $10.62
ERH - $75.00
AT - $12.60
NM - $18.00 (paid Dec. 31)
GE - $19.00
CIM - $135.00
bank stock "X" - $3924.60

Total in taxable account: $4194.82

Roth IRA:
ARR - $88.80
GGN - $28.32
STB - $18.81

Total in Roth IRA: $135.93

Total January 2013 dividends: $4330.75
Total January 2012 dividends: $3739.92

Wow, what a great increase from 2012, and a great overall total!  If only all months could be this good.  This month, I did not make any purchases in my taxable account, as I focused on my Roth IRA contribution.  I'll be making a purchase in my taxable account this month; it will be interesting to see where I can find value in this market. Hope you're 2013 investing got off to the same good start that mine did!

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